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Please note, due to the legislation of the Health Professions Act of Alberta and specifications laid out by the

Alberta College of Paramedics, the College and

Association of Registered Nurses and Associates, ARC only operates in the province of Alberta.


          In 2015 the Armour On Safety: Medical Division (AOS: MD) was founded to serve the Children’s Hospital Aid Society and its benefactor “The Easter Seals.” AOS:MD was a volunteer division sponsored by Armour On Safety (AOS) that consisted of 4 professionally trained volunteers and a rented ambulance. Quickly after volunteering for its first event, it found itself getting calls from Charities, non-profits and community programs throughout the province. Four years later, AOS:MD found itself serving over 20 clients.


          The owners of AOS and the founder of the Medical Division both agreed that separating into an independent entity and acquiring a Non-profit status was appropriate to keep up with the increased demands on its service. The new entity would be called Amicus Response Corps or ARC. AOS would maintain its sponsorship of the new services and annex several of its EMS related courses to help the Non-profit develop. ARC plans to complete its transition by September 2019 and concrete itself in Alberta as a BLS and ALS provider by 2020.


          In addition to event EMS, ARC will provide easy access to first aid and other EMS/Nursing courses at an easily accessible with fair price rates. ARC will use the funds to support its EMS initiatives, as well as support its operating costs. As ARC progresses, it will provide training seminars, SIM-labs and other modern clinical/theory education options for its staff, volunteers and the general public. ARC will provide an affordable training rate that meets the needs of its clients, students, and partners.      


A Community Driven Support Group.

ARC will continue its work and donate its event medical services to charitable causes within the province of Alberta. ARC will service charities, non-profits, and community-based events that are non-profit driven for no charge of service. ARC will not provide its EMS services for free to any profit-based group. 

Amicus Response Corps partnered with the Alberta Health Services MFR program in 2019. this program helps provide ARC by laying out practice expectations, BLS protocols, and access to medical directions within the AHS EMS body. ARC is not a body of AHS, ARC is registered as a partner agency with the AHS MFR program.     Click here for more information