Amicus Response Corps (ARC) is a volunteer-driven initiative that operates in Alberta. Founded in 2015 by Advanced Care Paramedic Zak Souter-Lucas, ARC operated under sponsorship and generosity of Armour On Safety, a specialized training company in Calgary, Alberta. As the service grew in popularity, it was annexed from AOS in order to provide a more appropriate setting for its non-profit initiatives, officially becoming Amicus Response Corps in 2019.

ARC has concreted itself as a major provider to locally & globally recognized charities, non-profits, and select community events. Its mandate is clear: Provide its services to a niche that requires the support of professional medical personnel, that otherwise would struggle to afford it, ensuring that the desperately needed funds stay within the organizations they were donated to.

In return, ARC can provide amazing experiences for its volunteers and clients alike. To date, ARC has provided hundreds of work (and play!) experiences for its volunteers! ARC has also been able to donate its services to Make-A-Wish Foundation, the 2019 Grey Cup Championship, Kids Up Front, and many more amazing events that serve a multitude of foundations, supporting children, veterans, and first responders.

ARC is dominantly funded by its founder, with the occasional equipment donations given to the services. To learn more about ARC, receive an information package, learn how it operates, its insurances, or to make a donation, feel free to contact us.

A Community Driven Support Group.

Amicus Response Corps was recognized by the Alberta Health Service Medical First Response program in 2019. 

This amazing program provides ARC with a standardized level of medical oversight, training, and support.

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Amicus Response Corps

Phone: 403-679-8622

101-500 Centre Ave, Airdrie, AB T4B 1P8


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Please note, due to the legislation of the Health Professions Act of Alberta and specifications laid out by the

Alberta College of Paramedics, the College and

Association of Registered Nurses and Associates, ARC only operates in the province of Alberta.