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Annual Sunalta Stampede Breakfast

Join us as we support the Annual Sunalta Stampede Breakfast. The Sunalta Community Association’s Stampede Breakfast is one of Calgary’s largest and longest running community events, proudly serving the neighborhood for the last 34 years!


Each year, over 2000 people come together, enjoying breakfast,  a petting zoo, live music, a blow-up castle, face painting, and much more. 

Sunalta is  a proud community Hub partner, ensuring services and opportunities that thrive and contribute socially, economically, physically and mentally. 

Proceeds go to support an initiative involving a three-way partnership between the United Way of CalgaryThe City of Calgary, and the Rotary Clubs of Calgary, where 5 Community Hubs are being activated in priority locations across Calgary. 

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ARC LOGO Small.png
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