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What Do We Offer?

Amicus Response Corps offers Red Cross First Aid training and Heart and Stroke BLS training to private groups in Alberta rates vary depending on class size and needs of the clients. ARC does its best to ensure lower cost to its clients.


ARC also offers an in-house training program that presents the users with an in-house Medical First Responder certificate. This certificate is based on AHS guidelines and is needed in order to volunteer at medical events.

Training that does more!

All of the funds received from training directly go towards our volunteer services equipment, vehicles, and expendables. Our Instructors graciously donate their time in order to ensure our event medical services remain up-to-date and appropriate to respond.

Who are our Instructors?

Our instructors are a dedicated team of volunteer healthcare professionals. All our instructors are certified in the specific courses/disciplines that they teach and ensure that they are up-to-date within said organizations. We are proud to have instructors with a wide variety of teaching and field experiences.

How to book a course

Please contact us through our general contact form or click the above "Book Now" button. Due to the volunteer nature of our courses, we only teach on instructor availability and based on the rules and regulations set out by each independent governing body.

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