Got Your Six Charity Shoot

Got Your Six is a charity shooting competition with PRS (tactical) style matches. Shooters can expect to see rifle shots out to 800 meters, and pistol to 50 meters. The course of fire is dynamic, fun and focused on team work. Our Mission is to raise funds and create awareness of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).


PTSD does not only affect soldiers. Police, EMT's & firefighters, are all especially susceptible: seeing the worst time in someone’s life is something we all deal with differently. If after the adversity we face in organizing this event, we stop one person from taking their own life; we have accomplished our mission.

Got Your Six is a large, Annual precision rifle based, charity shooting competition. We focus on a different group among Military, Police/LE and Fire/EMS and donate all funds raised to a different registered charity every year.

Amicus Response Corps

Amicus Response Corps

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