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Charity Shooting Competition

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Our Story.

GY6: Charity Shooting Competition was founded in 2016 by Tony Burton and George Woodland.

The event focused on the fun, competitive, and educational side of sport shooting, bringing together the firearms community in support of veterans, military members, and first responders.

The community of GY6 would rally together once a year and support a local charity or nonprofit by hosting a tournament in its name. GY6 has been able to support Wounded Warriors, Canpraxis, and Valour Place through its initiatives.

GY6 fell upon organization hardships in 2020 due to federal laws, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the daily lives of its entirely volunteer-driven team. This left to the organization disbanding.

As of August 2020, original founder Tony Burton has given permission to renew the initiative. We are currently not within the capacity of starting an event due to a variety of reasons, but we are reviving this great event in order to regrow the amazing community that supported a terrific cause.

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The Next Event.

The next GY6 shoot will be help once we are able to recreate the community that made it so great!

We will be hosting a series of competitions and campaigns to grow GY6's social media, as well as reapproach past sponsors and volunteers. Once we have a cemented plan, our dedicated group will start hatching on the next events plans. We are excited to start this journey and are already amazed at the level of success we have had with past members, volunteers, participants, and sponsors already reaching out.

How You Can Help.

  • Like our Facebook page and share it! By inviting your like-minded friends, we will be able to grow quickly!

  • Send us photos, videos, and all other related materials from past events!

  • Review us on Facebook! Tells us what you loved, or how it felt to participate!

  • Volunteer! Send us a message on Facebook if you are willing to volunteer!

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"One of the very best charity shooting events that I've ever had the privilege to help volunteer at! Good people, good food, good group of competitors, with everyone there wanting to help out with anything and everything! I've come 450+ KMS multiple times in order to volunteer for this event and organization. It is truly a blessing to be able to witness so many sacrificing for those soldiers and first responders whom have sacrificed so much for us."

- Michael MacDonald, Participant/Volunteer

"I had the opportunity to sponsor GY6 back in 2019 with my business partner. It was singlehandedly one of the best decisions we made. This event is so crucial in raising awareness to ptsd. I cannot say enough good things about the founders, the people they chose to help support the event, the other sponsors and the overall community. This event is a true testament to no one fights alone."

- Luke Marchand, Observer/Sponsor

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